Cisco is the global technology leader that transforms the way people connect, communicate and collaborate. Its mission is to shape the future of the Internet, creating the maximum value and the greatest opportunities for the company, for its customers, for its employees, investors and partners.

In Italy since 1994, Cisco has always been at the side of companies, institutions and people in our country to support its growth.

In January 2016, Cisco launched in Italy the Digitaliani investment plan, created to accelerate the digitalisation of Italy by addressing the main issues for its digital transformation: spreading digital skills, creating a thriving innovation ecosystem, the digitization of key productive sectors of the Made in Italy, in Public Sector, in infrastructures.

To successfully deal with change, our country has a great resource: its human capital, which is giving rise to a rich and promising ecosystem, made of start-ups, research centers, universities, accelerators, territorial networks, institutions, companies committed to innovation.

With Digitaliani plan, focusing on this resources, Cisco chooses to make available its technology, expertise, investments, contacts to support innovation wherever it is born, throughout Italy, in collaboration with all these stakeholders. Cisco takes an approach based on open innovation and collaboration – also open to customers and partners of the company – called “Innovation Exchange“. The ultimate goal is helping Italy to become a country-wide innovation center, to make a decisive contribution to economic growth, social development, and opportunities creation.