Call for Industry 4.0 Startups

CISCO, in partnership with Intesa Sanpaolo, is seeking new technology startups in the Industry 4.0 field for the 2017 edition of the international acceleration platform StartUp Initiative.

APPLICATION CLOSED September 10 2017


  • Focus: Industry 4.0 and Internet of Things
  • Target application: digital factory, industrial safety and security, asset tracking and management, industrial collaboration, industrial augmented/virtual reality, connected machines/products, integrated supply chain
  • Stage of funding: startup looking for an equity funding round between 200k€ and 5M€
  • Documentation: business plan or executive summary of your project



Cisco is the global technology leader that transforms the way people connect, communicate and collaborate. Its mission is to shape the future of the Internet, creating the maximum value and the greatest opportunities for the company, for its customers, for its employees, investors and partners. In Italy since 1994, Cisco has always been at the side of companies, institutions and people in our country to support its growth.

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StartUP Initiative

International acceleration platform which selects promising high-tech startups, coaches them and connects them with financial and corporate investors. The program is focused across 9 technologies and industries,with more than 100 investment forums in 7 countries, over 1100 trained startups with over 110 M€ fund raised.

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Next Steps

StartUP Initiative in numbers

Data up to may 2017

101Investment forums
130Success cases (equity, grants)
4000 Screened submissions
118 M€ Funds raises by our alumni
1100Trained Startups
12Industrial exits
750Finalist startups
9200Ivestor & Corporate attendees


Some success cases from last editions of StartUP Initiative

Taylor ItalyTaylor Italy
Taylor Italy
Taylor Italy
Miroglio spa acquired 51% of the company.
Mamma M'AMAMamma M'AMA
Mamma M'AMA
Mamma M'AMA
In 2015 Voltan Way bought a minority stake of the company (link), in 2017 Shark Bites and Rancilio Cube (with others BA investors) invested 350k€.
In 2013 the company raised 1M€ from Atlante Seed, in 2015 they closed 3M€ Series A financing round, in 2017 the company closed a 6.5M€ investment round led by Principia Sgr with Atlante Ventures, High-Tech Grunderfonds, F3F and Antares.
In 2013 Digital Magics through 56Cube invest 180k€ in the company, in 2015 R301 Capital and others underwrote a capital increase for 480k€, then in 2017 they raised 830k$ through convertible note funding from Impulse VC and R301 Capital.
Personal FactoryPersonal Factory
Personal Factory
Personal Factory
The VC funds Vertis Sgr, Atlante Ventures Mezzogiorno and TT Venture underwrote a capital increase for 2M€.
The company successfully completed a crowdfunding campaign on Equinvest for 462k€.
Spazio DatiSpazio Dati
Spazio Dati
Spazio Dati
Cerved Group invested 1.35M€ in the company.
In 2012 Vertis Venture and Atlante Ventures Mazzogiorno invested 2.4M€. In 2016 the company raised 8M€ from private investors and family office.

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